House of Holmes Live on EVINE.

House of Holmes Live on EVINE.

On Friday November 4, 2016 Tabitha Holmes was live on EVINE representing House of Holmes. HOFH was among the four collections selected as Designers of the Year from Phoenix Fashion Week. Tabitha was honored to be among the other three ambitious designers; Azmara Asefa, Hues of Ego, and ARAE.

What is EVINE? You might be asking. EVINE is a television broadcasting networking with a focus on at home shopping. The company is based out of Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Which made for an exciting mini trip for the Arizona based designers. Tabitha made a splash on the television air waves with her fashion forward styles.

"Partnering with EVINE as a featured designer was a great experience. The EVINE family was welcoming, fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed this entire production process. Although, being on live television is slightly terrifying. But, I didn't freeze, so I think that's a big win!" -Tabitha Holmes 


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