Sillin Fashion Muse: Marisa Noble.

Sillin Fashion Muse: Marisa Noble.

There's a fashion maven in every work place. Her hair seems a touch shinier than everyone else’s. Her lipstick never fades, and her radiant smile could put even Ross Gellar’s to shame. Every look she sports seems effortlessly chic. Marisa Noble is positively THAT lady. Inspiring us to reach for the clothes reserved for special occasions. Making the art of getting dressed, and merely arriving the appropriate occasion. Marisa’s outward expression of fashion echoes her keen wit, and dynamic problem solving skills that I’ve silently observed while working with her at our night job. Thusly, Marisa is dubbed a Sillin fashion muse.

A.Y.W. What or who inspires your personal style?

M.N. I would say that my personal style is inspired by beautiful colors, bold prints, and functionality. I am a sucker for a good skirt with pockets. 

A.Y.W. What is your go-to look (casual) (date ready)?

M.N. My casual go-to look would have to be some high-waisted shorts, an old tee-shirt, and the always faithful Birkenstocks. My date ready go-to look is a sleeveless, calf-length, mustard yellow dress paired with heeled booties and a dark lip. 

A.Y.W. When do you feel you are at your most confident self?

M.N. I feel I am most confident when I am in a stressful situation. These are the times that I consciously tell myself to keep my head high, pull my shoulders back, and look like I know what I am doing even when I probably have no clue! 

A.Y.W.  I love that Marisa. Poise under pressure is a skill to refine. Do you feel like you are influenced by your surroundings?

M.N. I do feel like I am influenced by my surroundings. My home and my work are places where people can relax and enjoy themselves. And I feel like that reflects in my style and my attitude.

A.Y.W. Tell us about your recent diploma. 

M.N. I just recently graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Sustainability and a minor in Urban Planning. My focus was on Sustainable Ecosystems and Sustainable Food Systems.  

A.Y.W. That’s overwhelmingly cool, and definitely lives up to your surname. Why did you select you major? 

M.N. I selected my major because I grew up with a respect and an awareness for the planet. This upbringing helped me not only to be passionate enough, but to be slightly enraged enough to want to do something to change out current practices. 

A.Y.W. Completely inspiring to see you devote your academic studies to that pursuit. How is the job hunt going?

M.N. The job hunt is a stressful, nasty beast! It is encouraging to see so many opportunities in my field all around the world, but I wish I could just land the perfect job already.  

A.Y.W. Where is your happy place? 

M.N. My happy place would have to be my living room. I enjoy the colors and the patterns and, of course, the fact that I get to be with my pets. 

A.Y.W. How do you respect your mind, body, and spirit?

M.N. I respect my mind by never being satisfied by what I already know. Education does not end with a diploma. I respect my body by eating well (most of the time) and by practicing yoga at least 30 minutes a day. I respect my spirit by not getting frustrated when I am happy or sad, because I need to know that there will be both ups and downs continuously throughout life.

A.Y.W. What designers are you drawn to?

M.N. I do not know much about designers but I am always interested in those that source ethically and manufacture consciously!  

A.Y.W. A woman patterned after our own heart. How do you sustain a consistent self-starting work load? 

M.N. I sustain my work load by remaining confident in my abilities, asking for help when I need it, and with a glass of wine every night.

Thank you so much Marisa for sharing your wardrobe, reflections, and future plans with Sillin readers. We’re inspired by not only your wardrobe, but your kindly heart, and your shrewd intellect. We wish you the best of luck in your pursuit for the perfect post graduation job. know-change the world. No big deal. 



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